400K Next-gen MacBook Air on Order

Apple is set to manufacture 400,000 next generation MacBook Airs this month.  The MacBook Air has been one of Apple’s most successful devices.  The ultra-light, ultra-thin laptop has been a hit ever since its release.  The next generation model has been commissioned by Concord Securities, one of the major mac manufacturers.

apple in newsThe previous generation of the MacBook Air will begin to end this month as well.  Only about 460,000 units will be made this month, officially bringing and end to the original series.  The newest series will cost $999.

Phil Schiller gave much of Apple’s success to the the success of the MacBook Air.  He proclaimed that their notebooks have outsold their PC counterpart every quarter for the past five years–a feat he gives Macbook Air much of the credit for.

The newest model of the Apple MacBook Air will move to Intel’s 32-nanometer Sandy Bridge architecture.  This will make Apple notebooks much faster.  The model will have more internal memory space and 3-4MB of Smart Cache.

One can expect the success of its previous model to be eclipsed by their newest.  The MacBook Air has always been an inspirational computer and will surely continue Apple’s notebook success.




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