Affluent, Young and Non-White Adults Use Smartphones

android phone htc evoAccording to a Pew Report released today, 39 percent of all phone owners own a smartphone.  The makeup of that group include non-white, well-off, college educated adults.

The most popular brand of those smartphones is the Android.  Most all reports would verify this statistic.  Android products make up almost an equal percentage (35%) of the market share.

The Pew survey interviewed 2,277 American adults.  Of those surveyed, 39% said that they own a smartphone device.

For the households that make over $75,000, 59 percent own smartphones.  The percentage of smartphone owners between the ages 18 to 24 is roughly 49 percent.  For the ages between 25 to 34? About 58% of them own smartphones. 44 percent of Latinos and blacks are smartphone owners.

The devices that qualify as smartphones are iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, Windows and Palm OSes.       



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