Amazon Tablet “Hollywood” to be Released in October?

computer fast laptop womanThe much anticipated Amazon Tablet is expected to be released before October.  The third-quarter release was reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The Amazon Tablet hopes to be yet another competitor to the Apple iPad.  That will be a tough goal to accomplish.  However, Amazon is in a unique position.  They have considerable experience in the e-market arena, and are more than capable of selling handheld devices with the obvious success of their Kindles.

The Amazon Tablet will be running on the Android OS and will be roughly nine inches.  The codename for the device is Hollywood.  Not much more is known about the device outside of just speculation.

Outside of the Hollywood, Amazon also plans to roll out next generation Kindle e-readers.  One will be touchscreen, while the other will update the most recent Kindle 2.  No official report has been released by Amazon to validate the report by the WSJ.       



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