Anonymous Attacks Arizona Police Again

computer hacker steal passwordAnonymous struck the Arizona Police  again.  The hacking organization published stolen emails between policeman, as well as listed names, passwords and email addresses of over 1200 police officers. They hacked and defaced websites of various Arizona police unions. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) were one of these unions.  They were the organization that had 1200 private employees’ information publicized.

Their reasoning behind attacks are the same as before–openly protesting the SB 1070 Immigration Bill that many viewed as unconstitutional and controversial to certain populations.

Anonymous begged other hackers to do the same.  Hack Arizona police websites and deliver a clear message of peaceful political disagreement.  At least that is how they perceive it.  Many would argue that there are more legal and less malicious avenues to explore for effective political debate.

However, public opinion on the nature of the attacks and the manner in which hackers highlight certain events remains up in the air.  The support for the attacks Anonymous carries out are pretty polarizing.

Representatives from the FOP and other Arizona Police Unions have yet to comment on the attacks.       



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