Anonymous Threatens to Take Down Facebook

Anonymous promises to take down Facebook in what they claim to be retaliation for the social network’s widespread privacy abuses.

In a two-minute video, a scrambled voice rambles on about planning to take down the network–claiming Facebook was in cahoots with Syrian and Egyptian governments to squash protests and target certain individuals.

The video’s origin is under suspicion.  Anonymous has usually followed a pattern in the release of their press statements.  Typically, they would post a link or a statement on their Twitter page.  In this instance, the video dates back several months, and the Twitter accounts affiliated with it are no longer active.  For this reason, authorities are questioning its authenticity and whether or not it’s truly from an Anonymous member.

Either way, the statements will be investigated.  Facebook has decided not comment on the threat.

If the video does derive from Anonymous, they might want to be careful who they claim to be fighting for.  With Facebook having over  750 million users–they will be hard-pressed to find somebody that will agree with them.  Anonymous could easily find themselves on the other side of the coin–with them now being the group others will target.       



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