Much Anticipated Google Wallet Available

google in newsGoogle Wallet is now in the field for testing.  As it has been expected for some time, using Near-Field-Communication, Google will allow users to purchase items using their mobile device.  Participating users would be able to just tap and pay at cooperating retail locations.

This is just the beginning.  For some time now, NFC technology has been in the works, aimed to act as a digital credit card on your phone.  Google announced early today that the NFC enabled devices will soon account for over 15% of the mobile devices they release.  This would suggest that we are in the midst of a big change in the way we carry information, how we use our information, and the capabilities for us to carry out a wider-range of user friendly services at the tip of our fingers.

Personally, I find this to be a evolutionary time in the growth of mobile industries and the privacy we hope they can viably provide to subsequent participators.  Using a Google card, the digital equivalent to a credit card, users will be able to conjoin MasterCard, Visa and most other credit cards by transferring funds to it.  This service must always lead to questions on security.  How can we be sure our information is secure?  This would require the relinquishing of a lot of information–not much more than we already provide our credit card companies, but still a minute leap of faith to some.

Because this is an open and free service, there will always be justifiable skepticism. However, it is important to not let doubt lead to pessimism.  This is a truly fantastic and user friendly service–building on a great many technologies.  With users already being able to check their bank accounts from their mobile devices, adding the ability to check then immediately pay is pretty cool.

Will other companies jump on board this new “commerce ecosystem”? I certainly believe so.  This service could help add new revenue to mobile advertising.  It could add revenue in still unforeseen ways.  Again, this is an evolutionary technology.  One could imagine it silly to not partake in such an opportunity.       



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