Apple Delaying MacBook Air until Release of Mac OS X Lion

apple in newsApple will delay the release of the next generation MacBook Air to July.  Originally, it was reported that they were going to release them this month, actually around this time.  However, because they plan on using the new Lion OS for the newest models, they had to make a decision to lengthen the waiting period.  Ultimately that decision will improve the overall quality of the device once released.

The newest model of Apple’s MacBook Air originally had Snow Leopard OS installed.  They decided to wait and upgrade to the Lion, which is a good decision considering  Apple’s most successful notebook will be running on Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

Apple needs to have a complete package. Doing away with outdated software will keep both the hardware and the software in the new unit on equal footing.

The Mac OS X  10.7 Lion will boast a ton of new features, reportedly over 250 of them.  The most prominent of those is the Apple iCloud.  This media service allows users to transfer music to multiple devices utilizing an online storage system that saves customers’ media files to Apple servers.  The service will require a registration fee for those whose files are outside of iTunes.

The MacBook Air has been tops in the laptop computer industry for quite a while now.  They beat out all other competitors.  The next generation Air hopes to continue that trend.       



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