Apple Hoping to get Films and TV Shows for iCloud

Apple’s iCloud service is hoping to up their media content through collaborations with varying Hollywood studios.  Working hard to achieve a licensing deal before the June 6th announcement of the iCloud at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple has run into a few snags.

Apple aims to have their iCloud service hold movies on their servers to be accessed through multiple devices, much like what they have been able to achieve with major music labels.  This service would give the user the ability to store all their digital media in Internet libraries.  No longer will they take up space on hardrives.

apple in newsThough Cloud technology has been around for sometime now, Apple plans to push it into the mainstream.  Many believe cloud technology to be the way of the future.  Customers of iCloud will notice a steep drop in the level of hassle it will take to get their songs or movies from one device to another.  With that in mind, in order for Apple to achieve this future, they will need to work out partnerships with several big Hollywood studios they have yet to get on board.

These partnerships require a lot of care because of certain licensing rights that other companies currently hold.  For example HBO cable network gets first rights to films from Warner Bros. Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and NBC Universal.  If Apple wants to get their partnerships, they will need to sort out a deal with HBO that would allow purchased movies to be stored on their servers that can subsequently be viewed without HBO’s permission. Due to the individual’s right to own the movie after purchase, one can see how there may be workable solutions to this.

The deal wouldn’t be too complicated, however making it before the WWDC seems doubtful.  Apple currently has copies of movies from Sony Pictures, Disney and Paramount Pictures.  They sorted out a licensing deal roughly a year ago.

If Apple iCloud is announced with its full capabilities and with an honest attention to their desirable design, its release could really help bolster Cloud technology’s popularity, as well as the industries they will be in collaboration with.  We all hope they can get these deals done, the ideas are ripe and evidently popular across all tech and media circles.       
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