Apple iCloud Fees Released

computer fast laptop womanApple released the beta version of the iCloud on Monday.

In the release, those fortunate enough to have received a copy get to participate in a highly anticipated service, for FREE.

Those lucky few beta users are providing the details on the service to the public. We, unfortunately will have to wait their turn to get a hands-on experience.  The beta release will provide 5GB of iCloud storage.  According to various reports, the cost of the service will vary in the amount of GBs a user wants.  $20 per year for 15 GB total, $40 per year for 25 GB total, or $100 per year to store 55 GB total

The Apple iCloud media storage service has been brewing excitement dating all the way back to its earliest statements on potential designs and functions.

Apple hopes to change the way we store media–on their servers, on the Internet, a long ways away from the ever-shrinking storage space on our various day to day devices.

The concept of Cloud technology has been around for a while.  Amazon actually may have been the most popular cloud service available.  However, Apple’s difference from Amazon will be its greatest asset–having successfully garnered the participation of major music labels and Hollywood Studios.  This will give Apple more freedoms, more media and more profit from their closest competitors.  Should be an exciting time for Apple fanatics.       



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