Apple iCloud ‘UK’ will be Launched in 2012

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Apple iCloud will not launch in the UK this year.  The deals between Apple and major music labels are still in its early stages and will most likely be finalized and ready by the 1st quarter of 2012.  That is according to a spokesman for the Performing Rights Society (PRS).

iCloud is available in the United States because they had worked out all the deals with the major labels early on.  The process was tedious, and took about a year to complete.  Therefore, the timeline for the UK iCloud service appears to be right on par with the amount of work and time needed to get things in motion.

The iCloud has yet to finalize licensing in both the U.S. and the UK.  The fact that iCloud will take the music users already have on their devices and transfer it to the iCloud makes licensing simply not a requirement as of yet.

The iCloud allows users to keep their media files on an Internet server rather than on their devices.  Typically, a user will not have to pay if they are using iTunes.  However, if a user wants to have their music that is outside of  iTunes on their iCloud, they will need to purchase a subscription.  Amazon came up with a similar service earlier in the year.

“Cloud” services are expected to change the way information is stored.  Rest assured, internal storage will still be readily available on most devices, but what cloud achieves is beyond that.  Cloud allows users to sort of prioritize the information they keep on them with the information they can store on Internet servers.  Media files and music files take up a lot of space just for entertainment.  Cloud allows users to keep their business and personal information on them and their entertainment separate.

The service, iCloud temporarily being the most popular, will be used by a number of companies.  Google, Amazon and Apple all have put similar services out for customers to utilize.       



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