Apple iPad 3: Rumors of launch in the Fall of 2011

apple in newsThe release of the Apple iPad 3 could be coming a lot sooner than anyone ever expected. Present rumors suggest that the launch might coincide with the release of Apple’s next generation iPhone in the fall of 2011.

The iPad 3 will be quite the upgrade from its predecessor.  Many reports from Taiwanese tablet manufacturers hint at its display resolution to be six times greater than that of the iPad 2, approximately 2048 by 1536 pixels–dwarfing the iPad2’s 1024 by 768.  Not much more is known about the third generation device.

Reports have been very limited regarding the project.  Earlier in the year, Samsung filed suit hoping to be granted access to the third generation iPad.  Other than that, information regarding the device have been just speculation.

The veracity of the rumor is in question due to what we know about Apple’s past business practices.  They generally avoid such stories.

It would negatively affect Apple to rush out the iPad3 just seven months after the release of the iPad 2.  Apple owns the tablet computer market.  It just does not make much sense to complicate an already successful run.

Apple is notorious for debunking rumors.  They never comment and they never give details of upcoming projects that are far in the future.  For all these reasons, it is unlikely to see the iPad 3 crowding the shelves in Fall.       



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