Apple Patents Multitouch Tool

apple in newsYesterday Apple was granted a patent that will affect the smartphone market and the developers who create touchscreen devices.  The U.S. Patent No 7,966,578, “Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for translating displayed content”, will make it tougher for Apple’s competitors to implement Mulitouch tools in their devices.

Multi-touch was pioneered by Apple.  Since its explosion into the mainstream, it had been a feature that many devices began to utilize.  Touchscreen monitors and the like would showcase the multi-touch tool, often used in interactive presentations or popular mobile devices.

Now, mobile companies will have to compete with Apple, negotiating a way to do without the tool, or at the very least, pay Apple to use it.

One can foresee a number of suits arising out of this most recent decision.  The tool has become nearly ubiquitous with touchscreen technology.  It is practical, and simple to use within touchscreen enabled applications.

Some popular companies that use a touchscreen in their mobile devices include Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Motorola.  They could all expect to be affected.  Apple has had similar cases regarding multi-touch technology before       



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