Apple Preparing for 10th Anniversary of Retail Stores

apple in newsApple inc. is preparing to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their retail stores this Thursday, May 19th.

According to “Apple sources”, some new hardware and/or software could be unveiled at Apple stores to commemorate the achievement.  If what is unveiled is not new hardware or software, it could still very well be updated versions of certain Apple devices or services.

It has been roundly stated that Apple started having day and night staff meetings this past Monday and that they will continue to hold them until the opening on Thursday.  Usually this would indicate new products or services to be introduced–as events like this have shown in the past.

Outside of the staff meetings, very little is known regarding what they might unveil at the anniversary.  However, with Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference fast approaching, one could imagine a sizable framing job by Apple–energizing Apple’s base for upcoming products and software.  The rumored Apple iPhone 4s could be one of those devices that gets a little publicity at the 10th Anniversary celebration.

Refer back to Boobytech for updates following Thursday’s event.       



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