Apple Refurnishes Apple Stores: Online and Retail

Apple is set to update their retail and online stores following the 10th Anniversary.  apple in news

Though the changes will be small with regard to their retail stores–their online stores could see a number of changes that give the customers more control over their online orders as well as the device they access that store on.

A revised Apple Store application for their iOS is one change, however the most intriguing could be the changes they are adding to the Apple Store ‘app’.  Currently, the Apple Store app allows users to order products online, though only stock items.  The revised Apple Store app is supposed to include a build-to-order application that allows users to decide what hardware and software goes into their orders–essentially providing a greater service with wider freedoms for the customer.

Additionally, the revised Apple Store app will be included in Apple mobile devices.  This is good news.  Separating the Apple Store into an app for the iPhone allows for the needed changes to be made fluidly rather than having to create a mobile ready website.

It appears that following the 10th Anniversary of Apple stores, Apple plans to configure even more changes to their stores across the board–from online to retail.       



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