Apple to Release Mac OS X Lion Wednesday

apple in newsApple is set to release the next generation Mac OS X Lion this Wednesday.

The new OS will be available for download at Apple stores and Mac App Stores for $29.99.

The decision to make the Mac OS X Lion downloadable gives Apple customers the ability to streamline the purchasing-to-installment process to within a few clicks.

The download package is a large one, 3.76GB, so make sure enough time is set away from the computer to allow it to fully install.

Additionally, in order for the installation to be completed, an upgrade to Snow Leopard is required.  The Mac OS X Lion will not support Leopard.

Apple’s new Mac OS X Lion will carry over “250 new features”.  Expect a fully integrated multi-touch feature, a revamped desktop interface for easy navigation, auto save and restore capabilities and AirDrop, a nifty WiFi file sharing application.

Fortunately for Mac users, the obstacle of waiting in lines that stretch on to forever is completely hurdled with Apple’s measured move away from physical software.  The downloadable aspect of the Mac OS X Lion may be the coolest feature of them all–perhaps even indicating a shift in thinking for the tech industry as a whole.       



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