Apple Requests Prototypes of Samsung’s Galaxy Products in Legal Battle

Apple has been in an intense legal battle with opponent Samsung over patents.  As it appears to many, much of the Samsung products share similar designs and features to Apple Inc. products. 

More specifically Apple is referring to Samsung’s Android line of products.  The case is against  Samsung Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G and Droid Charge.  The mobile devices and tablet computers will be presented to Apple’s legal team.

San Jose Judge Lucy Koh ordered Samsung to hand over their products to Apple for review because they can no longer claim their products as “secret”.  Usually, a company is afforded several months before having to share their products. In Samsung’s case, they have already been promoting their new devices at Google’s I/O Developers Conference and elsewhere–essentially nullifying that claim to privacy.

The decision that will ultimately have to be made is whether Samsung’s Android products too closely resemble Apple’s products.  From Apple’s point of view, Samsung’s products look so similar to Apple’s that they could, in effect, be stealing away customers.

I certainly can see Apple’s point.  Once viewing their products side by side–there is an astonishing resemblance.  The engineering behind Samsung’s products would appear to be mimicking Apple’s to a noticeable degree.




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