Apple Store 2.0

apple in newsApple has launched their Apple Store 2.0.  As news got out from Australia–Apple has integrated their iPad into a store experience that will merge online and retail.  Electronic and face-to-face..

One could admit that the iPads were a great touch for the new-look Apple stores.  Customers will have the assistance of these devices to help compare prices between products, request help from an Apple representative and to compare and contrast features between varying devices.  It will even provide for you information regarding your position in the queue when visiting a specialist.  That’s a small blessing–one knows how stressful that can sometimes be.

The iPad 2 has had its own share of recent success.  Coupling it with the new store design should help bring those positive juices to the doorstep of your local Apple Store.

Apple again deserves credit for their alien marketing strategies.  They truly know how to think outside of the box.  Using an Apple product to sell more Apple products? Brilliant! The design will surely be a refreshing look.  This should help their already strong popularity in the retail side of their business.       



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