Apple’s iOS 5: Keynote of WWDC

Apple will preview their iOS 5 in the keynote of the WWDC tomorrow.  There is little doubt that app partners received their previews already, in order to prepare their technology of course.  We enviously can not wait for ours.

Apple will preview several new features and capabilities of the iOS 5–including Twitter integration, widgets and a move away from pop-up notifications.  The new approach to notifications on their iOS 5 might be the most visible change in interface.  Apple plans to introduce a topbar drop menu, or something like it.  Notifications will drop down, allowing users to see what notifications they missed.  Though how they plan to do this is still unknown.  As sources from suggest, they already have something like that for tethering, a process that uses the iPhone as a modem to allow Internet access to computers and tablets.  The process displays a blue strip at the top of the iPhone–a color coded topbar notification.  That may be where we are headed.  But who knows.  Again, we will have to wait for tomorrow.

Many questions remained unanswered, so it should be an interesting keynote at the WWDC.  The twitter integration addition appears to be the most reported feature–though one can never be sure.  The sources are generally reliable in this case, but navigating the details of new features is always difficult.  If any news of the iOS 5 is shattering, rest assured that news will be reported promptly.       



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