Apple’s Next iPhone to be Leaner than iPhone 4

apple in newsLittle is known about Apple’s next generation smartphone.  Such is the policy of Apple, never commenting on rumors and leaving as many people in the dark as they can.  However, a recent report has indicated that the next generation iPhone will be much lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

The iPhone 4 has been a general success for Apple.  The specs on that device are well known– 5-megapixel camera, 4.8 ounces and .37 inches thick.  The next generation phone will build on that.

It is expected that the next generation iPhone will have a 8-megapixel camera, a curved glass face, metal back and a move to faster processors.  The recent news suggesting a much lighter and thinner device pretty much concludes much of what is known about the device.

The name of the next iPhone is also in the midst of healthy debate.  Depending on which circles you travel in, some call it the iPhone 5, while others refer to it as the iPhone 4s.  Who knows? What we do know is that the next generation iPhone hopes to close the gap in the smartphone market–a market that has moved more towards Google Android based products.  Only time will tell.       



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