Apple’s Thunderbolt Port Sported by Pegasus

apple in newsApple‘s newest MacBook Pro models are bringing new connection technology along with it.  The technology “Thunderbolt” was built by Intel in collaboration with Apple.

Thunderbolt’s Capabilities

The Thunderbolt is a technology that allows for the high-speed connection of peripheral devices.  These devices include hard drives, video-capture solutions, RAID arrays, network interfaces and DisplayPort (HD Video transmissions).  The Thunderbolt port sends 10 Watts of power to peripherals as well, so it would be able to charge devices connected to it.

The Thunderbolt port is very fast.  According to, “Because Thunderbolt is based on PCI Express, it offers a direct connection to the PCI Express bus, which is part of the reason it can offer such impressive performance”.


The Thunderbolt is considered reliable in that it could support USB 2.0, FireWire, eSATA and similar connectors, all at once.  Also, because the information can be sent back and forth at the same time using Thunderbolt technology, it will only require a single cord.  The cord is only compatible for macs, and it can be fitted to all MacBook models with Mini DisplayPort ports.

For even newer mac notebooks, Thunderport will replace the Mini Display Port entirely.

Thunderbolt Peripherals

Peripheral technology for Apple’s Thunderbolt ports are still scarce.  Because the technology is still in its infancy, the amount of compatible peripherals are low.  However, that is not preventing manufacturers and vendors from breaking ground on projects relating to the development of Thunderbolt peripherals.

Promise Technologies announced their Pegasus R4 and R6.  Pegasus will utilize Thunderbolt technology for considerably faster channels.  They will emphasize the speed or performance using Thunderbolt, as well as the security they would be able to provide.

With the unrolling of newer Apple products, one will see the transition to Thunderbolt occurring very rapidly, despite its high cost.       



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