Asus PadPhone Merges Smartphone with Tablet Computer

Asus has developed a product that would enable a user to dock their smartphone to their tablet computer.  The device is aptly named Asus PadPhone.  The announcement was made at the finale of the Assus Computex 2011 Conference.

The ability of the PadPhone is unique in that it merges two devices into a singular computer.  The docking station is located at the back of the tablet computer–hidden under a tab that can be lifted up.  The user would then be able to dock their phone to the device, transferring the information that is on the smartphone to their tablet computer.  Additionally, the tablet computer has the capability to charge the smartphone while docked.

The Asus PadPhone and its capabilities are impressive, however the product is still in its infancy.  Being that the PadPhone is a prototype, the full list of  its attributes are still unknown.  The prototype consequently serves as an introduction to what many tablet computers could be capable of achieving in the future.

Android will be the OS for the Asus Padphone–indicating a strong possibility that the mobile device will provide the 3G or 4G Internet connectivity for the tablet computer.

The PadPhone aims to expand the list of abilities given to mobile devices.  Its a promising future that portrays the evolving nature of communication.  The PadPhone would allow users communicating via video to expand the screen size through a single step.  Maybe a document they are viewing could be better observed by switching it to their tablet computer, again, easy as 1-2 done.  Asus has much to be excited about with this prototype.  The difficult task that now stands before them is making such a device a success in the field.  A task easier said than done.       



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