Bing Search Results Include Facebook Connections

In a collaboration with Facebook, Microsoft is aiming to add to Bing search engine’s decision-making ability.  Using Facebook’s “like” tool, Microsoft hopes to list your friends who “liked” a certain topic or item to help influence the decision you make.

If one is signed onto Facebook during their search, Bing would provide the user with a list or a visible indication of which one of their friends liked which product–ranking results and helping the user to make a decision.  This social currency is a unique tool Microsoft is hoping to implement to help influence the search engine market.  Microsoft has made the statement that in order to truly compete with Google, the Internet would have to change and grow.  Facebook has already done much of the heavy lifting for Microsoft in that regard and Microsoft is hoping they would bring that success to Bing.

microsoft in newsMicrosoft had conducted a study that showed how many people refer to their friends and family before making a decision.  Results showed that over 90% of people practice this in their decision-making process. Microsoft therefore figured it would be in their best interest to somehow incorporate these appropriate results into their search engine’s capabilities.  Microsoft, however, has stated that this tool would not change the sponsored links on their Bing search engine.

One could suggest that the definition of what constitutes a sponsored link is changing.  Now, your own friends could sponsor a product, not just companies.  Certainly this concept Microsoft has put much faith in.       



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