British Police Detain Lulz Security Member

computer hacker mask keyboardBritish police claim to have arrested a 19 year old Lulz Security member who went under the alias “Topiary”.

The vigilante group he represented was responsible for a number of government and private security breaches that were highly publicized and notoriously polarizing.

The 19 year old man was arrested on the Shetland Islands off of Scotland.  His Twitter account often contained quotations debating the relevancy of arrests occurring around the world to Anonymous group members and to Lulz security members.  In one particular case he stated,  “You cannot arrest an idea”.  It is clear by this statement that he believed he was partaking in a form of hactivism.

Hactivism is a manner of protest that seems to be gaining in popularity.  These sort of attacks have been occurring frequently for quite some time.  However, with new advantages provided by social networking sites, many hacking organizations get an opportunity to propagate their beliefs.

Make no mistake, the practices such members use to deliver a message in protest to a governmental or private entity are illegal.  They sometimes involve the commonly known DDoS attacks–though there are examples of even more malicious cyber-attacks.

The primary argument repeated by Federal and International organizations is that there are many ways to legally protest.  Trying to justify illegal actions under the shield of protest or activism does not suffice.  The 16 arrests in the United States and the plethora of attacks occurring throughout Europe brings attention to that fact.  Those willing to partake in such actions have been warned that the consequences are real.       



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