Cellphones May Cause Cancer

android phone htc evoThe International Agency of Research on Cancer came out with a report suggesting that cellphones could cause cancer.  The statement was made in Lyons, France, drawing upon dozens of published studies detailing the subject.

The announcement reverses the previous assumption that cellphones were not carcinogenic by that same institution.  However, it is important to note that the argument has always had a noticeable ebb and flow to it.  It is near impossible to not have heard from previous discussions on the matter.  IARC’s announcement reaffirms at the very least the caution that should be implemented by everyone regarding the length of cellphone use.  The perpetuity of the argument indicates that there is a viable risk of such studies being true.  So practice safety first.

There are a number of steps to save yourself from considerable heath risks from cellphone use.  Use the speaker phone more often.  Consider using a blue-tooth device.  Maybe it would be wise to use text messages more often, especially if only needing to transfer small amounts of information.  All in all, the basic aim is to keep the cellphone away from your head as much as possible.  Shorten the length of phone conversations–and if you can’t, consider switching to a land-line where available.

The World Health Organization will be evaluating the study upon the announcement.  Other health agencies will also be waiting in line to reevaluate the study.

This recent announcement, so far as it stands, joins the long list of studies that continue to prove what many consider mundane items carcinogenic.  With all the chemicals we pump into our products, its a surprise everything doesn’t cause cancer.




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