Cheap Digital Audio on your Netbook or Laptop

digital audio usb laptop

“I want to play high quality digital music on my home theater system using my netbook.”

Do you own a laptop/netbook that you use next to your home theater system?  Almost all netbooks and very few laptops have digital out.  Lets face it, analog out simply doesn’t cut it.   At loud volumes the novice user can tell the difference between analog and digital because there’s no additional noise created from the PC to receiver connection.  If you’re a gamer you’ve probably already found a way around this by putting music on a USB drive and playing it through your PS3 or Xbox. Unfortunately this simply doesn’t match the libraries of music and audio player software thats loaded on your computer. Most people just settle with analog and use their headphone out to connect their computer to the receiver.  This is definitely the  quickest fix but you deserve better.

The Cheap Digital Audio Solution

digital audio usb
The Micro II by Turtle Beach has come up with a small plug-and-play solution which outputs toslink digtal out.  The best part is that it costs $25 and works out of the box.

They couldn’t have made this device any easier to use.  Plug the USB dongle into your computer, connect the toslink adapter, and connect the toslink cable to the receiver and your set.  Party loud and enjoy your new digital out.



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