Congress Wants Google and Apple to Discuss Mobile Privacy

The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled a 10am hearing for May 19th on mobile privacy.  The title of the hearing is “Consumer Privacy and Protection in the Mobile Marketplace”.

lawsuit court malletThose who were invited to testify include representatives from Google, Apple, Facebook, The Bureau of Consumer Protection, Common Sense Media and the Association of Competitive Technology.

Just over a week ago a Senate Judiciary Committee threw questions at executives from Google and Apple upon knowledge that smartphones collected location-based data and that such information could be considered vulnerable.  During that hearing, Apple stated amongst other things that its iOS4 had fixed that bug.  One could imagine that similar questions will be asked of those who decide to partake in the hearing on May 19th.  The hearing is by invitation.  By not partaking in the committee’s request, there could be some potential risk to one’s credibility in the fluid debate of what constitutes proper restrictions of user information.

Others view this as yet another opportunity for Congress to grill Internet companies on user privacy.  The government sets to maintain a perpetual discussion on the matter–especially considering the importance of having a watchful eye on a rather exploitable phase of a maturing industry.       



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