Facebook’s Smear Campaign Against Rival Google

facebook in newsFacebook has confirmed that it hired public relations firm Burson-Marsteller to investigate and expose certain “privacy issues” within Google’s program Social Circle.

Google and Facebook have a long and tumultuous history that as of late is becoming increasingly dirty.  Facebook has been the center of attention recently for the manner in which they sought to defame Google.  Many considered what they attempted to do as underhanded and ethically defunct.  By hiring Burson-Marsteller to investigate what Google considers unfounded allegations about their privacy policies, Facebook tried to take an approach that many say was dirty and poor business.  A Facebook spokesman states, “The issues are serious, and we should have presented them in a serious and transparent way”.

Burson-Marsteller has made known their regret in working with Facebook–a move that they say consisted of requests that are normally outside their company’s policies.

Facebook is taking a lot of flack, especially considering their well-known stance as being transparent and a service for the people.  However the history between Google and Facebook runs deep–both wanting each others data to boost their own services.  Facebook allowed its users to add friends using their Gmail accounts.  Google did not appreciate this.  So they retaliated by making more difficult Facebook’s ability to do this.  Attempting to work its way around this, Facebook provided a way for its users to add friends from Gmail accounts using a manual approach.  As a result, Google re-ups its program Social Circle, making it more difficult to allow Facebook to culminate this data.  This ongoing feud is what has led up to the Facebook hiring of Burson-Marsteller.

This however is not an isolated incident.  Truthfully, of late this has become the normal practice of many competing companies.  Seeking to dis-engender populations from their respective competitors–underhanded smear campaigns have started to become a norm.




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