Facebook to Include Spotify in Music Plans

facebook in newsFacebook has far-reaching goals to incorporate a music dashboard that would permit users to share their musical tastes with their friends and others.

In what reinforces the social aspects of Facebook, a partnership with Spotify, a prominent UK-based music platform, will help develop and launch FB’s bold and refreshing musical feature.  Spotify will not be the only partner however.  Facebook plans to incorporate the developing power of a number of music services–a plan they will detail at the F8 annual developers conference in August.

Facebook has been in partnerships with music services before–iTunes, Pandora, SoundCloud and Turntable.fm have all been able to integrate with the social media platform.

This time around Facebook is looking to have a far deeper integration of musical services, utilizing sharing and likes to help create a social musical graph of tastes and recommendations, so to speak, for Facebook customers.






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