Facebook Launches Business Website: Spites Google+

facebook in newspeople throwing moneyIn a move that appears to spite Google+, Facebook has introduced a “Facebook for Business” platform that allows corporations to target some of their 750 million users.

Google+ recieved quite a bit of negative press following a decision to deactivate business accounts on their Google+ social networking platform.  Google claims that they will revisit the issue when their beta experiment is over.  However by then, it may be too late.

Coupled with the deactivation of Google+ accounts of members using pseudonyms or names with foreign characters, Google finds their social network’s growth slowing–figuring in a 3% drop from last week.  There couldn’t be a better time for Facebook to make this announcement.

Facebook’s business website provides corporations with another weapon to add to their ever-evolving marketing arsenal. One could argue that it could revolutionize the effectiveness of marketing–targeting audiences who genuinely would purchase their products–focusing on their interests, philosophies, activities and friends.

The ability to hone down marketing to an individual level seems rather SciFi.  In the movie “Minority Report”, an eyescan prompted a computer to bring up past purchases you bought and recommend certain products based on that history.  Facebook makes that reality appear little closer than anyone could have imagined.  Once Google+ jumps on board.  Who knows how quickly that future could become reality.

In a statement to Information Week, Facebook stated, “Businesses can learn how to find new customers before they search for them using Facebook’s targeted Ads, and bring customers from the Web into their stores. And we want to inspire small businesses by seeing how other businesses have found success on Facebook by sharing their stories”.

It appears that Facebook has once again taken the lead.  Other social sites should soon follow.  Could one call this a missed opportunity for Google+?  Not particularly.  But it should make their ability to build and retain members all that much more difficult.




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