Facebook Leaks User Information

Symantec, a security firm,  came out with a report that suggests a significant security risk to Facebook has occurred.  Thanks to a programming error, Symantec states that there were ways for advertisers to access user information.

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This access could be achieved through the use of “tokens” and the conciliatory privacy information Facebook allows along with such tokens to view user photos, wall content and friend profiles.  This report places Facebook once again in the midst of a growing sense of unease about their privacy policies.   It has been their great struggle to mitigate user privacy and contented advertisers.

However, Facebook has stated that no occurrences of lost or misused user data has been provided to third-party recipients.  They argue that whatever problem there was has been worked out with the collaboration of Symantec.  Facebook did indicate that Symantec had a few inaccuracies in their report, particularly in regard to their tokens.  Tokens that are provided to Facebook Apps only have a two hour window to access user data.  That, combined with the contractual obligations of its advertisers and developers should most definitely prevent such a incident of actually occurring.

All the same, Symantec’s report is an important one–providing more fuel to the fire in regard to the perceived frailty of Facebook’s Privacy policies.




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