Facebook Video Calling is Mr. Zuckerburg’s “Something Awesome”

facebook in newsFacebook has decided to integrate Video Calling and Video Chat.  They will do this with the assistance of Microsoft, utilizing the recently purchased Skype.

The downloadable plug-in will allow users to avoid the cumbersome process of installing software and streamline that with a simple downloadable option on Facebook.  Mark Zuckerburg, CEO and Co-founder of Facebook told a group of reporters in Palto Alto, “The majority of users don’t want to take the time to configure this stuff themselves”.  This is very true.  The face-to-face chat will be a cool new feature for Facebook users.

As of right now, Video Calling on Facebook will only take place on a one-to-one ratio.  Having a group conference is still unavailable.  However, one can expect something along those lines happening in the future.  Such is the natural progression of video chatting.

Facebook allowing users to download a plug-in for video chat rather than installing software and setting the whole thing up is proving to be a successful business model.  According to Michael Gartenberg, a Gartner analyst, “Users care about functionality; they don’t care about technology”.  This concept has proven beneficial for various companies–Apple, Google and now Facebook intend to focus their attention on making the most practical of processes.  Evidence shows it has been the most successful route to take.






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