Facebook’s Project Spartan to Challenge Apple

facebook in newsFacebook is looking to invade Apple’s app store with Project Spartan.  What is Project Spartan?  Well it is Facebook’s underground project that is currently being worked on by over 80 developers in an to attempt to sell and run apps on Apple products (iPhone and iPad).

The new platform, with its ability to run on Apple’s Safari, will enable it to partake in an arena that normally Apple dominates.  It is Facebook’s hope to target a populace of gargantuan size and combat Apple’s grip on the mobile market.

Project Spartan, running solely on HTML-5, aims to flex its mobile muscles and obtain roughly 100 million users.  Because the platform will be mostly controlled by Facebook instead of Apple, Facebook will be able to have a fair shot at app-distributing–a service that Apple dominates because of its mobile hegemony.

Developers under the guise of Project Spartan are currently working around the clock on new apps to run on the platform.  Facebook has yet to comment on the report, but according to sources on Techcrunch.com, some have already seen it.

Already, Facebook aims to make an impact with gaming apps.  HTML-5 will help move away from Flash, a perk Apple may actually enjoy once Project Spartan is fully launched.




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