Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register for Boobytech?

Registering for Boobytech will make it easier to post and track comments and will grant you access to participate in forums. For users that have an existing Facebook account, you have the option to login using your Facebook account.

How can I register with Boobytech?

There are two ways to register with Boobytech:

  1. Register directly with Boobytech using our registration form
  2. Login using your Facebook account which will automatically register you with Boobytech

What is the Facebook Login located on the top right of the page?

Facebook login is a single-sign-on option, which allows existing facebook users to use their Facebook account to log in to Boobytech.

How does Facebook authentication work?

There are 3 parts to Facebook Authentication:

  1. User Authentication – Ensures that the user is who they say they are.
  2. App Authorization – Ensures that the user knows what data and capabilities they are providing to your app.
  3. App Authentication – Ensures that the user is giving their information to your app and not someone else.

Once these steps are complete, your app is issued an user access token that you enables you to access the user's information and take actions on their behalf.

Will my Facebook password be used as my Boobytech password?

No. You log in directly to Facebook using the Facebook login pop-up window. Your Boobytech password israndomly generated and emailed to you after registration.

What kind of information do you collect from Facebook?

We value privacy above anything else when it comes to our readers. We only require the bare-minimum information required to run Facebook Login with the addition of your email which is needed to send you your Boobytech password. Other information collected include name, birthday, location, friends list, and email which is part of the basic information package that all facebook applications require.

We do not collect and cannot collect information that you have kept private from others based on your privacy settings and this includes passwords. You log in directly to facebook which then automatically logs you into Boobytech using your Boobytech password (Your boobytech password is randomly generated and emailed to you

Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

How can I associate a different Facebook account with my Boobytech account?

You can change your associated facebook account under your profile options.

How can I change my randomly generated Boobytech password and user settings?

You can change your password and adjust user settings under your profile options also located on the top right of the website when logged in.

What is a Booby?

Our name and logo is represented by the long-winged seabird known as the Blue-Footed Booby. This seabird has a natural habitat in the tropical and subtropical islands off the Pacific Ocean and is notably recognized for being clumsy and consistently getting trapped by humans. One of our goals at Boobytech is to keep information at level that even a Booby can follow. We want to help everyone!

I've never heard of Boobytech, how long have you been around?

We are a new website that was launched in May 2011. Spread the word and help us grow!

How can I request or make a suggestion for an article or guide?

We are always intrested in new ideas and open to suggestions for improvement. Feel free to send them our way.

Do you have Twitter that I can follow?

Yes. Follow us on Twitter.

Do you have a Facebook page that I can join?

Yes. Join our Facebook Page.

Do you have an RSS feed that I can subscribe to?

Yes, the location of our RSS feed can be found here:

Boobytech RSS Feed

How can I advertise with Boobytech?

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us for more information.