Final Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor

The Space shuttle Endeavor has made its final launch today, ending its remarkable run in the Space Shuttle program.  Endeavor will be taking a crew of six, including commander Mark Kelly, to the International Space Station.

Mark Kelly is the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who was shot at a speaking event in January.  Luckily, Mrs. Giffords made a remarkable recovery and was able to enjoy the Florida Launch from a wheelchair with her friends and family.

The final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor had been a much anticipated event.  It was pushed back due to a tiny slew of problems that hindered the launch date.  Many of these problems appeared small, such as a tile replacement or a problem with some cables, however when sending objects and a crew of individuals into space–true perfection is required for the safety of the crew and the vehicle.

They will be arriving at the ISS on Wednesday.  They will be heading to the space station with the intention of studying and further understanding cosmic radiation.  Using a tool called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2, they hope to understand dark matter and dark energy–two fields that are of increasing curiosity within the scientific community.  The launch marks the end of a phase in the Shuttle program–a program that will meet its formal conclusion with the final launch of the Atlantis Space Shuttle.       



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