Ford Smart Cars with Google Predictive API Technology

Imagine a car that could recall which roads you took on the way to work.  Which roads required less acceleration, less fuel and more electric battery use.  Perceive the ways one could save energy with this tool. Just think of all the ways a car that uses Google Predictive API technology could help decide when is the most common day you go for coffee before work, and plan out the quickest route to the cheapest coffee shop the minute you turn on your car.  That is the future Ford envisions.

google in newsAt the Google I/O Conference, Ford pitched a car that would use this technology.  It would be at the request of the buyer, but it would certainly be an interesting tool for the organizationally impaired.  The technology behind it could best be described as this–cloud-based storage that collects past data, interprets it and predicts the future.  The conceptual idea for their plug-in hybrid electric car is innovative and pragmatic–a car that could change how it performs based on the actions of its owner.  It could be used to save energy and reduce pollution.  Both, major issues being tackled by various industries in the sculpting of the world’s future.  It broadens the case for machines that work for humans rather than humans working for machines.  Nobody wants a car that slows you down when you don’t want to just to save fuel.  Wouldn’t it be much cooler for it to know your tendencies and calculate the best way to save fuel for you? Certainly another promising and innovative idea presented at Google’s I/O Conference.       



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