Gmail Accounts Hacked

computer hacker mask keyboardHundreds of Gmail accounts were hacked by a unknown source originating from Jinan, China.  Some of the compromised accounts were of senior U.S. government officials.

The “phishing scheme” appears to have targeted persons from ranging social and governmental entities.  Government officials and political activists from differing countries were all targeted, indicating a conscious and malicious attack intended to derive information for political use.  The “phishing scam” was intended to monitor the hacked email accounts.

This most recent attack is not the first time a Chinese hacker infiltrated Google GMail accounts.  In fact, the first one resulted in a political firestorm, culminating in Google’s cancellation of services in China–moving their servers and ending an agreement to censor search results.  Both attacks share similar calling cards.  The attacks targeted email accounts of political activists and government officials.  However despite the similarities, officials close to the situation suggested that they did not emanate from the same source.

A spokesman for Google indicated that although Gmail accounts were hacked, Google itself was not harmed.  Google also posted on their blog that it is important for users to review their account information, especially their forwarding settings.  Google has made several efforts to notify users and explode the “phishing” scam.

For the politically active, this “phishing scam” dampens China’s already distasteful history on human rights and individual freedoms.  For a government hell-bent on censoring and quelling political dialogue, this most recent attack is hardly a stretch.  The attack is deplorable because it once again oversteps their boundaries.  These cyber-attacks are on foreign entities.  Such actions are wholly reproachable.       



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