Google+ Account Deletions Causing a Stir

google in newsGoogle+ has been on the receiving end of multiple complaints for several weeks regarding the account deletions of various members.  This past weekend, it reached a tipping point.  Google+ began to increase the amount of deletions, explaining that users who did not use their real name violated their policy.

Many ex-Google+ members whose accounts were deleted focused their complaints to the site’s official discussion forum.  The complaints encompassed a wide range of examples that painted a picture of unjustified account deletions and confusing explanations provided to them by Google.

Some Google+ members who were foreign, had foreign characters in their name.  According to Google+, that provided a justified reason for deletion.  Others pointed out that they were using pseudonyms for privacy.  Again, this upset Google+ and gave them reason to delete their accounts.  The main argument for Google+ is that all users should be using their real name.  If users wanted to appeal their account deletion, Google+ directed people to that process on their forum.

According to a Google spokesman, Google+ should “help connect and find real people in the real world.”

Google boasts that its security and privacy are two of Google+’s best features.  They hope to battle with Facebook in that arena.  They argue that because of Facebook’s security lapses, there may be a potential for a mass exodus.  Currently Facebook has 750 million members.  Google+ has a long way to go, and these complaints certainly don’t help their case.       



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