Google+ Allows Users to Conceal Gender

google in newsGoogle+ allows users to conceal their gender.  The sharing site gives users three options: Male, Female or Other.

For businesses, which Google+ supposedly could help flourish, the options would allow them to avoid casting their business as gender specific.  For the time being, Google has asked businesses to hold off on registering with Google+.  There should be a Google+ business affiliate to serve their needs soon.

As of right now, Ford Motor Company is one of the lucky few subjects utilized for Google+’s field tests.

Frances Haugen, one of Google’s product managers, pointed to the sensitivity of gender classification, “especially on the internet”.

Privacy settings are still in the works for Google+, and being able to conceal gender is another step towards improving users’ experiences.  Knowing that Google+ is a new service, such incremental changes are to be expected.       



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