Google Android’s Continued Emergence

google in newsGoogle’s Android OS continues their dominance in the smartphone market.

Currently Android has 38% market share.  That beats out their competitors by a considerable margin.  The closest to them is Apple with 27% market share.  RIM has 25%.

These numbers are surprising considering the limited exposure Android has had in comparison to the others.  Android is a relatively new OS, being around for only a few years.  Apple and RIM have been around much longer.  RIM actually used to be an industry leader with the early success of the Blackberry.

It appears that as smartphones are gifted with more and more capabilities, users are generally more attracted to the device.  For that reason, Android has been able to garner a healthy population of users that enjoy using their smartphones for various purposes.   Android customers on average use more GB in their data plans than any other.

Many Apple aficionados hope that they can close that gap with the release of the iPhone 5.  Apple certainly knows how to market their products.  We’ll have to wait and see if they can give them enough functionality to compete with Android based smartphones.  Though, that result seems unlikely considering Android’s meteoric rise.       



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