Google Chrome Hacked

Security researchers at Vupen, a French firm, have indicated that they have successfully hacked Google Chrome.  Vupen claims that they have discovered a way to bypass Google Chrome’s sandbox, a security tool that separates running programs and prevents access to unwanted users. This task is a difficult one, as Google has the reputation of constantly and consistently patching Chrome. In fact, Google goes so far as to pay hackers a reward for information on the details of their attacks and the methods they used to employ them.

computer hacker mask keyboard
However Vupen has made it very clear that they will not make this information available, for obvious security reasons.  They conclude that this information will only be disclosed to their government customers.  Although, one can’t help but give pause to the fact that a Google spokesman came out and said that such information has not been brought to them and that the details within Vupen’s claims have not been formally investigated by Google.

Google did provide a brief comment on protocol however, stating that if such an attack did occur and was successful, it would immediately provide their users with an updated version of Chrome.

It may be worth to note that by Vupen targeting Google, it does bring a great deal of attention to their firm–what one writer could consider a dark and seditious ploy to enhance publicity and draw in more customers.  An intriguing business model indeed.

However, one can be sure that Google is taking their security compromises very seriously, and that it is in their greater interest to work with Vupen and alleviate the problems. That is the top priority.




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