Google Chrome Removing Navigation Bar: Mozilla Follows Suit

Google’s prerelease of their internet browser Chrome 13 aims to change the design of their web browser. google in news

The most noticeable distinction between the old and the new is the absense of the navigation bar found at the top of web browsers.  Google intends to have a different way for the navigation bar to appear–either by dragging the mouse over the top of the screen or when moving from one tab to another.

Mozilla already would like to follow suit.  They are releasing an add-on ironically called “LessChrome HD” that will essentially do the same thing.  As is with all add-ons on Mozilla, it will be at the discretion of the user. However, the success could represent a real change to future web browsers.  Its purpose could be for smaller laptops, netbooks and tablet computers that are refined to smaller screen space.

For now, both companies are using the concept as a indicator of which way to move forward in their respective browsers’ designs.  If the idea sticks, we could potentially see that becoming the standard.       



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