Google Chromebook Unveiled

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Google has unveiled the much anticipated Chromebook at the I/O Conference on Wednesday.  It would be made available in the coming weeks to the U.S. and much of Europe. Samsung and Acer will unveil competing versions at reasonably comparable prices.

Google Chromebook has embarked on redefining the computer–building upon the successes of smartphones and netbooks.  In fact, it will have very few similarities to the modern day laptop or desktop computer.  How do they differ?  Well, in a great many ways. Take for instance the exciting concept of instant-on.  Imagine being able to press the power button on the Chromebook and be up and running within 8 seconds.  Also, there is no deskstop and the majority of their apps will be cloud-based.  One would be able to store all of their information online.  So if something should happen to your Chromebook–say a case of the Mondays, Google would be able to provide a sense of relief that their information is secure.  Couple that with built in 3g and you have a unique electronic tool indeed.  Another added perk?  All-day battery life.

Google hopes to provide increased security for their Chromebooks as well.  Patches will be updated weekly, much like their web browser Google Chrome.  This will alleviate the user from downloading patches manually and keep their Chromebooks fresh and up-to-date.

Google also hopes to pair up their Chromebooks with varying businesses and universities–emphasizing the simplicity and efficiency of their exciting and capable tool.  With Chromebook looking to become more mainstream, they will have to compete with similarly priced products.  Apple Ipads and Netbooks alike will now be introduced to a new nemesis vying for portable prominence.       



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