Google Chromebooks Available for Pre-order

The Google Chromebook is now available for pre-order on and Best Buy stores.  They will begin shipping in the middle of June.  The relative prices for the Chromebooks will depend on the brand, Acer or Samsung.  This is because the brands will offer varying Internet connectivity capabilities and subtle differences in hardware.  The starting price of the device is $379 and could jump as high as $499.

google in newsGoogle’s new Chromebook boasts a ton of new features.  It could boot in eight seconds, it will have automatic updates, 3G, all-day battery life on a single charge and an online backup for documents and media files.  Just a snapshot of what the Chromebook can offer.

The Google Chromebook has been a highly anticipated device since its most early reviews. When it was announced earlier this year, the feature that had me interested the most was the 8-sec boot.  To be able to turn on the Chromebook and start looking up documents, media files and emails right away seems like an extravagant jump forward.  The Chromebook began to resemble a mobile device.  Google stated as much.  With 3G, users can rely on having Internet access anywhere.

Google is also offering to rent their Chromebooks to businesses and students..  They will offer a per-month fee of $20 to students, and $28 a month to businesses.  That, coupled with prices comparable to netbooks and tablet computers–one could foresee a competitive market for mobile computers in the near future.




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