Google Docs Eclipsed by Microsoft Web Office Apps

microsoft in newsMicrosoft’s web version of Office, similar to Google Docs, may have surpassed their counterpart on users.

Microsoft began to offer the free web service for users last year.  Since then, they claim to average roughly 50 million users monthly.  That’s quite an impressive feat–especially given that the last figure Google gave out of its monthly numbers makes up to only half that amount.

google in newsWednesday, Google could not even give an exact figure, proclaiming they have “tens of millions”.  Fair assessment, though I would argue that Google does not need to really worry much. The success of free apps may not necessarily indicate a clear winner and a clear loser in any arena by any stretch of the imagination .  Its FREE, the customer wins.  Given the brands in this mini-sparring competition, the only bruises that can be gotten are those to the ego.

Google boasts a great deal of free services to their customers, many of which are creative, innovative and simply fun to use.  The same could be said about Microsoft, though to a lesser degree.

The report accomplishes only one thing–flaunting numbers or statistics in the hope to improve the propagation of their brand.  Microsoft beat Google at something–gotta talk about it!  There lacks any real depth to it.  Though, again, one cannot help but be impressed.  Bravo!       



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