Google+ Goes Mobile

Now that Google can say with confidence that Google+ is a burgeoning new enterprise with future success, one would figure the next logical step is to make that enterprise mobile.  Well Google adhered to that wisdom and released such a model for their equally successful Android OS.

As of right now, the Google+ beta project will only be available in app form to Android mobile devices.

The new social network  app is presented on mobile devices in an easy to navigate interface.  The menu lists a number of large icons to select from: Circles, Stream, Huddles, Photos and User Profile.

The different functions provide a wide array of options for its users.  The Stream is essentially a mobile version of the website.  The user could share posts and locations with their circles using the Stream.  A visualization of the Stream process most resembles that of mobile Twitter.  The other functions mostly speak for themselves.

The photo-sharing aspect of Google+ is as addictive in app form as it is in its website form.  The expertly designed mobile interface allows users to easily snap photos and share them with their circles.

Huddle provides an instant communication with those available in your circles.  The instant chat feature is pretty nifty and is as reliable as most of their other features.  Video chat has yet to be introduced for mobile Google+.  However, its almost a given that Google will be open to the future development of such a process.

All in all, the beta test of the Google+ mobile app is a success.  There may be a few kinks, but it is to be expected at this stage.

For the unfortunate who lack Android OS, fortunately there is an easy way to try out the Google+ mobile app.  Simply pop open a mobile browser and input       



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