Google+: Google’s Social Networking Project

google in newsGoogle is attempting a social networking project that would out and out compete with Facebook.  They are calling it Google+.

The Google+ project has yet to leave any markedly relevant impressions as already many critics have expressed varying opinions on it.  However, that doesn’t change the novelty of yet another social network looking to make a niche in the Facebook dominated social cyber-verse.

Google will link Gmail to Google+.  That is the manner in which users could grown their networks.  The Social Networking platform appears to be sharply catered to email users–a beneficial perk, though not a restricting one.  Users could add non-Google+ users as well.

Additionally, Google+ will allow users to exchange data between other Google products they are registered to.  In other words, it revamps Google Account settings–extrapolating information and making it available to transfer to a public profile.

Hinged upon the success of Google+, other features could be added to the platform.  Much like what Facebook has done with music licensing, apps and interactive games–Google would be able to incorporate similarly beneficial services to Google+ users.       



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