Google to Implement Skype-like Abilities into Chrome Web Browser

google in newsGoogle plans to implement Skype-like communication capabilities into its Chrome Web Browser.  Skype, recently purchased by Microsoft, uses video telephoning–a feature that Google will soon implement into its web service following their acquisition of Global IP Solutions.  GIPS is a company that creates alternate forms of communication–video conferencing and telephony as examples.  You can bet that Gmail will be the avenue that such services become readily available to consumers.

The name of Google’s open-source video and audio service is WebRTC. The service is being frantically worked on and is intended to be fully operational as swiftly as they can get it out.

The absurd factor in this story is the effect it would have on Microsoft.  The computer giant spent an unimaginable amount of money to showcase Skype’s capabilities on their web, videogame and mobile platforms.  If Google could reach their goal quicker–building visual and audio communication for Gmail users, Microsoft would have to play catch-up despite having a head-start.  That would be embarrassing.

However, I highly doubt Microsoft has much to worry about.  Google has failed on projects like this in the past–or, at the very least, had limited success.  You see, Google likes to turbo boost their web browser, sometimes to a fault.  Navigating between all of the tabs gets somewhat annoying at times.  Microsoft, on the other hand, will offer a program, enabling its users to navigate in, out and about easier and in a stand-alone window.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Google’s audacious communication plans pan out.       



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