Google+ on iPhone in Top Spot of Apple’s App Store

google in newsapple in newsGoogle+ has the Midus touch.  In less the 24 hours, the mobile version of the social networking service reached the top spot in Apple’s App Store.

The rate at which people are downloading the Google+ app is alarming.  Google+ reportedly reached the 18 million users mark this week–amazingly, that must mean that those users are downloading the mobile version as well.  By comparison, Facebook has 750 million users. Dwarfing.

By the by, mobile Google+ has been getting mostly positive reviews.  Outside of a few early ticks, fans are particularly happy with the practicality of the interface and the ability to read comments on your posts without having to activate the app.

An additional aspect that people seem to truly enjoy is the relative ease mobile Google+ makes uploading pictures from your mobile device to the service.  The process is simple, subsequently reflecting the resoundingly positive reviews of the feature.

Earlier on, mobile Google+ was said to have a few bugs.  The app would freeze up or certain features didn’t achieve its proposed affect.  Well Google quickly alleviated those problems with an update.

As Google+ continues to grow, using its particularly clever sales pitch of supposed exclusivity, competing social mobile and web sites are thought to potentially reach an inflection point.

In my view, Facebook is the summit of Mt. Everest.  Lesser social sites like LinkedIn may have reason for concern.  Google is already one of the world’s largest companies–they have a notable head-start in overall influence.  The rate of their growth has been astronomical.  If Google+ can retain their users and continue to grow, there is no reason to believe that they can’t deliver a few knockout blows on the way to the top.       



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