Google News: Google Badges Ranks Users’ Thirst for News

google in newsGoogle has a quirky new idea that makes a game out of how you peruse Google News called “Google Badges”.

The concept of Google Badges is without a doubt a creative one.  For those of you who derive some form of stimulation from being ranked higher than your peers–it makes information hoarding on Google News all the more attractive for you.  This crafty form of one-up-man-ship creates an interesting environment to learn as well.  Though, I must point out, not everybody is as excited about its functionality as I am.

How the Google Badge Game Works

For each article you read on Google News, a badge pertaining to the relevant topic is awarded.  The more articles you read on that topic, the higher ranking you get.  The rankings are bronze, silver, gold and ultimate.  Google lays it out for us here.

The varying badges are useful tools for those of us who are organizationally inept.  The badges serve as shortcuts to Google News sections–an additional advantage to speed up the consummation of news for us “info-philes”.

The badges attained are private to the user.  However, if one were so inclined to share those badges with others, they would be free to do so.       



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