Google Nexus 4G: Android 4 and 720p HD Screen

google in newsGoogle’s newest mobile device, the Nexus 4G, is expected to pack quite the punch.  Google is hoping to reach the outer limits of mobile technology and pound out some real success against all other competitors.  It will sport the long-awaited Android 4, the most fresh mobile OS out there. The device will feature the “monster-sized” 720p HD resolution button-less touchscreen, officially pushing the Nexus 4G to supernova status.  That’s just the paint job.  Look under the hood and you’ll see the equivalent of a “souped-up diesel”.

The Google Nexus 4G will feature a next-generation dual-core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz CPU by Qualcomm, that according to a source with BGR (Boy Genius Report). Additionally, it is expected to run the 4G LTE, have a camera on the front and the rear and a GB of RAM.

The carrier for the device is still unknown.  The Nexus One had some trouble with Verizon in the past, though I am sure that will not be an issue this time around.  One can expect AT&T to be on board.  Verizon will probably join the fray not much later.

Also, even though Jonathan Geller of BGR wrote that “[its] going to be an absolute beast”, we still have to come to the realization that this model may be just one of the many devices that will come out in the coming months sporting the new Android 4 OS.  That being said, the Nexus 4G may temporarily be a precursor to later Android models and the like.

However the Nexus 4G leaves little doubt to what amounts to another step forward in the smartphone industry.       



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